How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a Kitchen in Edmonton?

When you’re a homeowner, you want the changes that you make to your home to suit, not just your needs for the moment, but the needs of future owners to increase the resale value of your property. As time goes on, our lifestyles have impacted what we value in our living space. While at one time homes were compartmentalized into rooms, modern homes tend to be a more open concept with ‘zones’ rather than rooms. Newer homes now combine kitchen and living room zones to allow easy visiting and a more family-friendly environment. So, you’re ready to think about home renovation or home remodeling. The question is: where to start?

The truth is, you can start anywhere with a custom home renovation, but some areas of your home will provide more return on investment than others in terms of resale value. Kitchen updates, bathroom upgrades, living room redesign, basement renovation, and master suite customization are commonly recommended as being the most important areas of the home to the family unit, and to potential buyers. If more living space is needed first, however, some families will prioritize full basement development before renovating other areas of the house. Barring these circumstances, kitchen renovations are arguably the best place to start.

At MLW Contracting Ltd., we are experts in kitchen renovations in Edmonton and Stony Plain. We recommend kitchen renovation as the best investment in your home. We’ve all heard it before – the kitchen is the heart of the home – and although it may sound dramatic, we argue that it’s true! With the onset of the pandemic and the vast numbers of work-from-home employees, it has become more important than ever to love your kitchen. A pleasing environment positivity impacts our productivity and mental health, while dark and old environments can have a more sedating effect on our mood.

Why Kitchen Renovations in Edmonton?

Since kitchens have become more open in their concept and design, they are truly the center of the home. No longer is the chef hidden away in the kitchen – the space offers room for cooking, watching shows, listening to music, and even homework and a snack for kids at the island after school. This new design concept facilitates lifestyle ease for the busy family and brings living and eating together in one common area.

Kitchen Renovation Options

There are more reasons than just resale to undertake an interior alteration like a kitchen renovation in Edmonton.

Special Needs: Some kitchens are customized to accommodate wheelchair accessibility. Homeowners who use wheelchairs may consider shorter counter height, a custom countertop may be installed with space beneath it to ‘pull-in’, and upper cupboards may be lowered or changed.

Modern Appeal: Some kitchens are old and worn and installing flooring breathes new life into the space. Whether new cupboards are added or a backsplash changed is under your creative control. A new countertop with a custom island and new fixtures could be just what is needed to update and uplevel your kitchen.

Lighting: Some kitchens lack natural light, but electricity usage can be moderated with a skylight over the space. Updated LED lighting and modern fixtures change the mood and bring vibrancy into the home during those dark winter months.

Gourmet: Are you a gourmet food enthusiast or caterer? Custom alternations or full builds mean you get the right equipment where you need it. Custom cabinets help to bring a polished look to the professional or gourmet kitchen.


Before speaking to a contractor, it is helpful to understand your renovation budget and clear goals for your space. The cost of kitchen renovations in Alberta ranges from $15 000.00 to over $100 000.00 and varies so widely due to the extensive variables in project materials and costs. Large projects may require the removal of walls and structures while smaller projects may require more superficial changes and a modest budget. The quality of materials you choose and whether tradesmen, such as electricians, are required to complete your project will also be factors in the overall cost of your renovation. If you plan to install new matching appliances, it is important to consider this upfront, since it can significantly impact your overall renovation budget.

Once you have a general idea of the changes you’d like to see in your kitchen and what your approximate budget is, MLW Contracting would be happy to partner with you to make your dream a reality. Our team of professionals can assist you in overall project design and layout as well as materials selection that fits your taste and budget. A new kitchen can bring you lasting comfort and ease when the right materials and design are selected. The professionals at MLW Contracting bring their experience to the table to help you get the kitchen of your dreams.

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